Your Brief

The success of your final building depends on the quality of your initial brief. Your brief will need to describe what you want from the project in terms of functionality, style, timing and budget. It is highly advisable to work with us to draw up a brief, as this document will be a key reference point for all those involved in the project. Through discussion, our team can help you clarify your ideas. You will be asked to consider the following:

Motivation and expectations: Why are you undertaking this project? What do you hope to achieve in terms of light, space, flexibility, function or style?

Function: What will this building or extension be used for? Are there any special requirements, such as disabled access? Who will be using these rooms and what will they need from the design?

Design: What style of building do you want to achieve? Traditional, modern, elegant, high-tech? Is sustainable design important to you? Have you been inspired by any existing buildings?

Timetable and budgets: When do you want different stages of the project to be completed? How much can you spend?

Authority: Who will make day to day decisions about design, costs and construction once the project is underway?

A brief provides the basis of a professional agreement between us and the Client. It ensures that both parties have a shared vision of the final building and an agreed ‘map’ of how to get there.

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