Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole

Restoring a golden spire

The spire of this Grade II listed, 19th century church was in poor condition and urgently in need of repair.  We were determined to improve the existing design to ensure ease of maintenance access and prevent the build-up of water which had decayed the spire shingles. We raised the gutter to the level of the parapet, re-clad with new cedar shingles, repaired the louvres and crowned the spire with a re-gilded weather cock.

During the works, we found graffiti  dated 1887 and 1998 – presumably dates of previous re-claddings. Local children were invited to jump over the re-gilded spire before it was reinstalled. There are now a number of children in the Parish that can point at the top of the spire and claim “I’ve jumped over that”.

The works were completed by Ellis & Co and supported by the Dorset Historic Churches Trust.