Holloway Road

These two little houses were a surprisingly challenging project.

Mill Street Housing Society appointed us to design modest sized family homes on their site within the Conservation Area alongside the river on Holloway Road. We initially established that three houses could fit on the site, but following a lengthy planning process this was reduced to two. Although the houses are affordable, the design is contemporary, and with high quality materials commensurate with the other buildings in the area.

Construction alongside the river required a cofferdam to make a dry working area. The Environment Agency stipulated the maximum height of this, so that upstream flooding would not be caused, and due to overtopping, a secondary sheet piling was required. A piled foundation was needed, and also underpinning of the adjoining property. Further complications arose when an underground petrol storage tank was discovered shortly after excavations commenced.

Now complete, these two lovely little houses alongside the river will be a delightful place for the residents to raise their families.